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Listening to music by downloading songs through mp3 has become the craze of all music lovers all over the globe. With the use of the internet, people are now listening to songs, of both classical and contemporary music, from countries around the world. But downloading music has its own hazards and customers will have to be careful about websites when they download music, especially when it is free.

BeeMP3 has been one of the websites that is used to download music. The website is a good one as it is found that there are no fraudulent practices, malware or viruses complaints received. In fact, there are many Terms and Conditions, which customers will have to agree to, while using the content from the website. Hence, it may be considered safe. But as far as the music collection is considered, the collection is not very good and is limited in number. However, it is simple for use so that even novices can download easily. Some songs are said to have viruses. BeeMP3 songs downloaded can be used only for personal use and not to be reproduced or circulated for business purposes. Some customers claim that the website cannot be used to download songs for free. It is at the risk of the user, using the website.


Norton rating has given OK signal for the website, by which they claim that the website can be used. The community rating is also good, though they have not given an excellent rating

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The traffic stats provide that BeeMP3 has a Global Rank of 21,793. The Total Visits have been 5.09m and pages per visit are 2.16. The most traffic by countries is found to be the United Kingdom at 15.22% and US at 15.07%. The traffic from Referrals is 4.53%, traffic from Search is 70.75% and Traffic from Social is 0.83%.

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